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Patents & Publications                                                                                                               



2024   a)  Antimicrobials / PDT Diagnostics (confidential) 
            b)  Specialty Bio-Polymer Functional Systems (confidential)     
            c)  Drug Release System (confidential)
            d)  Hybrid Latent Matrix-Dots M-Dots (confidential) 


2014    Silsesquioxane Photoinitiators  US8637585 B2  


2013    Fluorescent Nanoparticles US2013096241A1 


2012    Functionalized core/shell Nanoparticles US8962140 

2011    POSS/EPOSS Hybrids for LifeScience Applications WO2011054731A1

2010   a) PI@POSS for plastics, inks and coatings WO2010063612A1 
            b) Fluorescent Core/Shell Nanoparticles EP2144918B1 


2009   Bismuth-containing BiOX solid solutions  US7517403B2   


2008   a) Polysilsesquioxane fluorescent dyes WO2008138726

            b) Functionalized fluorescent nanoparticles WO2008138727


2007   a) Luminescent silicon oxide flakes EP1769049

            b) Porous inorganic materials containing polymer additives EP1769025


2006   a) Functionalized nanoparticles (additives/UVA) WO2006045713

            b) Functionalized nanoparticles (fluorescent dyes) WO2006125736

            c) Inorganic bismuth-containing pigments WO2006045725


2004   a) Method of colouring carrier materials WO2004033563

            b) Bismuth-containing pigment solid solutions WO2004099078


2003   Process for the coloration of aluminium WO03066938


2002   Anti-corrosion agents WO0249960


2000  a) Calculation of the Vibrational Spectra of Linear Tetrapyrroles. 2. Resonance Raman Spectra of Hexamethylpyrromethene Monomers. Journal of Physical Chemistry B (2000) 104, 10885-10899

b) Important contributions to: US6107326 Porphycenes for treatment of microbial populations


1998  a) 9-Substituted Porphycenes WO9815271

b) “NMR Verification of Helical Conformations of Phycocyanobilin in Organic Solvents”    Helvetica Chimica Acta – Vol. 81 (1998) 881-888


1997  a) 9-Substituted Porphycenes US5610175

b) 9-Substituted Porphycenes US5637608

c) “Octaethylhemiporphycene: Synthesis, Molecular Structure, and Photophysics” Angew.Chemie Int. Ed. Engl. 1997, 36, No.15, 1651-1654

d) “Photophysical properties of porphycene derivatives (18pi – porphyrinoids)” Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology 40 (1997) 191-198


1996  a) 24.-25.01.1996 Vortrag in Bad Honnef auf Congress Bundesministerium für Bildung, Forschung und Technologie (BMBF) „Photosensitizer for PDT“

b) 12.-14.2.1996 Vortrag in Lübeck auf Seminar Bundesministerium für Bildung, Forschung und Technologie (BMBF)  „Photosensitizer for PDT“

c) 1.-6.09.1996 Vortrag International Congress on Photobiology 1996, Vienna:

“Porphycene Sensitized Photooxidation: Type I and Type II Mechanism”


1995  a) Müller, Martin: “Konzeption, Synthese und Eigenschaften funktionalisierter Porphycene“ Wissenschaftsverlag Mainz, Aachen 1995, ISBN 3-930911-21-3

b) Porphycene Compounds for Photodynamic Therapy  US5409900

c) Porphycene Compounds for Photodynamic Therapy  AU66377


1994  Photodynamic Antitumor Agents: ß-Methoxyethylgroups Give access to Functionalized Porphycenes and Enhance Cellular Uptake and Activity (Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 37 (1994) 2797-2807.


1993 a) Porphycene Compounds for Photodynamic Therapy  US5179120

b) Porphycene Compounds for Photodynamic Therapy  US5262401


1992 Vortrag Max-Planck-Institut für Strahlenchemie, Mülheim an der Ruhr

„Porphyrinoide Photo-Sensibilisatoren für die Medizinische Anwendung“


1991  a) Drehbuchbeteiligung und Realisation von Wissenschaftsdokumentation

“Bilder aus der Wissenschaft – Mit Physik und Chemie gegen Tumore”

Redaktionsleitung: Jean Pütz, Erstsendung 22.12.1991, ARD

b) Vortrag „Wissenschaftliches Seminar Glaxo/Cytopharm“ im Institut für Chirurgische Forschung, Klinikum Großhadern, München





Target ApplicationsLife-Science Materials, API Drug Formulation Technology, controlled release/ non-release Formulation-Systems for Pharma-, Diagnostic- & Medical Applications, Bio-compatible Hybrid-Nano-Encapsulation, Core/shell-Capsules, DOPC Liposome Carriers, Functional Hybrid-Polymers, Functional (nano)-Capsules, Matrix-Dots (M-Dots), Peptide Carriers, Home & Personal Care, Photodynamic Tumor Therapy PDT, Implantate, Hybrid-Coatings & -Materials for functional Surfaces,  Specialty Polymer ApplicationsIR / UV- Security Elements, sustainable Antimicrobials, Bio-Protection,  Crop Science