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 Market  Technology  IP Scouting

   Advanced Life Science Functional Materials

Nano Technology  

 Precision Nano Medicine Formulation Technology

 Pharmaceutical  Medical Devices MedTech Specialty Chemicals Polymer

 Lipid Liposome Acrylic Peptide Nano Formulation API Drug Design 

  Global Business Innovation Foresight Strategy

 Program & Project Management


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Agile - Adaptive Design Thinking

 StageGate / Agile Project Management Professional 

 Lean Management Six Sigma Black Belt

 Business Performance Management

 Market Technology IP Scouting



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             Advanced Functional Materials for  Life Science Formulation TechnologySpecialty Chemicals , Polymers, 

             PLLA, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device MedTech Application,

             UV - IR Fluorescent Target Compounds Medicine & Security Elements



             Photodynamic Immune Tumor Therapy PDT, Combination PDT,  Lipide Liposome Acrylic Nano Formulation, 

             Peptide Therapeutics, Diagnostics, Antimicrobials 

             Member of Innovation Network Switzerland, BaselArea.swiss Nano Medicine & Polymers


           - Innovation focussed on Antimicrobials, Polymers, 3D Printing, Nano Drug Release Research,

           - Silane Functional Hybrid Resin Systems, Bio-Polymers, Medical Devices, Specialty Polymers 

           - Technology focussed on IP-Portfolio & Programm, Security Elements,

           - Management focussed on Design Thinking, Portfolio Strategy, Competitor Analyses  


             Adaptive Project Management  PMP   

             PhaseGate / StageGate / MS Project / SCRUM Certification 


             Project & Program Management Office  PMO





           - Senior Consulting Corporate Technology  - Business Strategy - Innovation Foresight

           - certified Project Management Professional  PMP/PMO

           - certified Agile Project Management Professional SCRUM

           - Tech-Transfer CMC and internal customer

           - Risk analysys, Portfolio Management and Reporting to Stakeholders Management

           - FDA / GMP experienced and Controlling Quality Budget Timeline

           - Identifying Innovative Technologies with best Potential for significant 

              Impact in Energy, Environment and Health related Industries

           - Analyzing existing and emerging Global Markets in order to identify 

             needs for Pharmaceuticals / Advanced Materials / New Formulation Technologies 

             in Segments of significant Size and Growth Rate

           - Comprehensive Value Chain Analysis, Business model and Entry 

             Strategy Development

           - Prediction of Future Markets with significant Business Potential

           - Assessment of emerging Chemical and Material based Technologies

           - Design Thinking Innovation Management / Portfolio Strategy / Open Innovation


LSTM   Formulation TechnologyLSTM Formulation Technology



           NanoValence focus on Sustainable Technology  &  Formulation

           - Performance Polymers

           - Drug Formulation Design         

           - Photo Dynamic Tumor Therapy Specialties

           - Sustainable Antimicrobials  organic/inorganic Silane Specialties

           - Nano Systems

           - M-Dots

           - Core/Shell Functional Nanoparticles

           - Home & Personal Care Materials

           - Medical Devices

           - Drug Formulation

           - Controlled/non-Release Systems

           - Antimicrobials

           - Bio-Polymers PLA PGLA PVP Cellulose

           - Security & Diagnostics


            LSTM Group


LSTM - Life Science Technology
Business Service & SupportLSTM - Life Science Technology Business Service & Support