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Sustainable Effects in Life Science and Specialty Chemicals Industry

Excellence in Functional Silane Hybrid Materials & Nano Formulation Technology

M-Dots, Core/Shell Nano Particles Resins, Formulation, Surface and Composite Materials for


            Lipid Liposomal Peptide Formulation Technology 

            Bio Polymers PLA PGLA PVP

            Fluorescent Diagnostic Photodynamic Therapy 



            Specialty Polymers

            3D Printing



            Security Elements


- Identifying Innovative Technologies with best Potential for significant Impact in Energy, Environment and Health related Industries

- Design Thinking Agile Innovation

- Analyzing Global Markets in order to identify needs for Pharmaceutical Technology / Advanced Materials in Life Science

- New Technologies in Segments of significant Size and Growth Rate

- Comprehensive Value Chain Analysis, Business model and Entry Strategy Development

- Prediction of Future Markets with significant Business Potential

- Assessment of emerging Chemical and Material based Life Science Technologies




Nanovalence - LSTM Group - Life Science Technology MaterialsNanovalence - LSTM Group - Life Science Technology Materials